About Kelley Data

We incorporated in 2008, but we've been in the technology business since 1985.  

From writing process control applications at a major US energy company to managing a Fortune 500 IT department, we've spent the last quarter century creating, deploying and managing technology. We currently deploy and/or manage:

  • network infrastructure
  • iPhone, iPad & Android device integration
  • network data storage
  • automated data backup & recovery
  • video surveillance systems
  • web development
  • virtual private networking
  • desktop support (Windows, Mac and Linux, on-site & remote) 

for several small-to-medium businesses in the Houston area.

While we have years of experience working with all types and versions of operating systems, we love Macs and iOS. There's nobody better to integrate Apple devices into your business environment.

Aside from our technical capability, we pride ourselves on providing prompt, friendly service and always providing assistance in terms anyone can understand. We know that we are geeks and you are not. It is our philosophy that if a customer doesn't understand something we've done, it's our fault, not theirs.

We are a rapidly growing company, soon to open a new office in Seattle, Washington.